• personalised Chip & PIN security
  • reloadable up to £1,650 or £3,000 limit card
  • apply online in minutes
  • no ID documents required*
  • ideal for use instore and abroad
*You may be asked to supply ID documents after initial application, please see terms and conditions for more information

Fees And Charges

The iBux Plus MasterCard® Prepaid Card

Card purchase fee £7.95(£8 by SMS)
Additional card fee £5
Other initial fees Upgrade to iBux Plus £1650 limit Card - £4.95
Upgrade to iBux Plus £3000 limit Card - £5
Limits – £1650 card Min load amount - £10
Max load amount - £1500
Max card balance - £1650
Limits - £3000 card Min load amount - £10
Max load amount - £1500
Max card balance - £3000
Usage restrictions Cardholder must be 18 years or over
Additional instructions in T&C section 5 (verify section)
Pay Monthly tariff only available for £3000 limit cardholders
Replacement card fee £5
Transaction fees UK & overseas Pay As You Go: £1
Pay Monthly : Free and unlimited
Cash withdrawal fees** PAYG : £1 in UK & £2 overseas
PM : 50p in UK & £2 overseas
Service fees PAYG - Dormancy fee £1 per month after 12 months inactivity
Card to card - £1 per payment (£3000 limit card only)
Balance enquiry Automated telephone service – local call rate in UK, standard
network rates if abroad
Text – cost of SMS (charged by operator)
Online – free
Customer Care – free from BT landline, network rates from abroad
Top up fees and limits £1650 limit card
Bank transfer (max £1,000 load)– £1
High street bank branches: £1
PayPoint: £2 (max £249 load)

You may top up your card twice per day
Max single and daily load value : £1500
Max weekly and monthly load value : £1650/£3000

£3000 limit card

online credit card (max £750 load) - 3%*
online debit card (max £750 load) - £1*
Bank transfer (max £1,500 load) - £1
cheque cashing up to £1000 - £10
cheque cashing £1001 - £2000 - £20
cheque cashing £2001 - £3000 - £30

Other fees

Investigation fee - £20
Foreign exchange fee of 4% for transactions in other currencies.
Person to person - £1 per payment (£3000 limit card only)
Standing order - £1 (£3000 limit card only)
Failed Standing Order admin fee - £5
Paper statement - £10

Cancellation or redemption £10 redemption fee. You must have €10 equivalent remaining
on the card to
redeem the balance.
Expiry Card valid for 36 months
*Please note, that you will only be able to load using a credit or debit card if your application was approved electronically at the time of applying. Should you be required to send in additional documentation to support your application, we will process your application, but this load method will be unavailable to you.
**Some ATMs may charge an additional fee and should advise you before you confirm the transaction. 

Foreign exchange - we do not use MasterCard exchange rates when your card is used outside the UK. Exchange rates change daily and we set a fixed “day rate” at the start of the day and guarantee that rate, regardless of market fluctuations so you know exactly what you’ll be charged in advance. Rates are available on our website; via the automated phone line; and via customer care. There are no commissions or fees on top of our published foreign exchange rates; charges are built into the conversion process, providing you with a transparent, guaranteed and competitive rate.

MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated. The Card is issued by Newcastle Building Society ("NBS") pursuant to licence by MasterCard International Inc. NBS is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority as an issuer of e-money (registration no. 156058).